Real estate purchase process in Italy

As for the purchase of real estate in any country, the process can be long and complex in Italy. To begin, you will need to make a written offer, in the form of an irrevocable “proposto of acquisition”, provided by the real estate agent. Once signed by the buyer and the seller, this document blocks the price. You will also need to have the property checked, and request a legal audit of the property to make sure there are no hidden mortgage disputes. Both actions can be conducted by a “geometric”.

Then comes the signing of a compromise. This is a legally binding contract established by the real estate agent, which commits both parties to the transfer of ownership on the terms and conditions. You will also have to pay the deposit (usually around 10% of the price of the property).

Once you have completed the last transfer and legal verification, you can sign the deeds. Note that you will need a translator if you do not speak Italian. Make sure the notary has registered the sale to the Ufficio dell ‘Agenzia del Territorio.
Good to know :

You can apply for a mortgage in Italy or in your country of origin if the organization is registered to lend mortgage funds in Italy. The base rate is much lower than in other countries, but additional fees will apply.


Additional fees include registration tax, property tax, value added mortgage, notary fees, legal fees, real estate agent commission and utility costs