About Italy

Italy – famous for its passion, fashion and ice-cream amongst many other things. Its no wonder people fall in love with its romantic and seductive ways. A country oozing culture and cuisine there´s always plenty to see and do in many of the major cities and towns throughout Italy.

Population – 58.50 million
Area – 300,000+km²
Climate – Depending on where you are thinking of living in Italy the climate can change dramatically from north to south. In the north of Italy you can certainly expect cold winters, ideal for skiing especially in the Dolomites/Alps. The South has a much milder climate and is warmed by the African winds making for very nice hot summers!

Living There – EU citizens – do not require a visa for holidays of less than 90 days but you will need to apply for a permit to stay available from the local police headquarters if you want to stay longer. Just remember a permit to stay is not classified as residence permit, which you can apply for at the registry office of your local town hall. Although nowadays you do not need a residence permit to stay in Italy for more than 183 days it does have its obvious advantages like reduced local travel and higher mortgage LTV percentages etc.

Property Market – The Italian property market has been rising steadily over the past 2 years, especially in popular areas like Tuscany, Le Marche, Sardinia etc. However, there are still reasonably priced properties to be had in many of the rural areas of Italy and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. With literally thousands of properties to buy in Italy and our connections with over 22 estate agents in Italy we are sure to be able to find you the right property to buy wherever you want to live in Italy.

Popular areas

Abruzzo – Abruzzo is situated in the centre of Italy – it has a wonderfully diverse terrain. It’s about an hour and a half’s to drive from beach to mountain top. Rolling hills give way to kilometers of mainly white sandy beach.The coast of Abruzzo has over 50 km of beaches. There is a beach for every occasion. They range from large sandy beaches with bars, restaurants, swimming pools and kids areas to quiet easily accessible coves. See our properties in Abruzzo

Calabria – SCALEA, is a picturesque, little town which takes its name from its terraced layout on the hillside, at the bottom of the Capo Scalea promontory. The old town is placed on the heights and preserves the remains of ancient wall and it’s possible view the characteristic lanes of Scalea, which preserves it’s ancient medieval features, with its winding streets, flight of steps, and picturesque, suggestive buildings. See our properties in Calabria

Le Marche – Our properties are in the south of the Marches, an area of outstanding natural and cultural beauty which extends from the Sibylline Mountains National Park (a section of the Apennines) in the west to the Adriatic Sea in the East, from Macerata in the North to Ascoli-Piceno in the South. This area, while arguably less important culturally than Tuscany or Umbria, is undoubtedly more beautiful, with its breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and the azure sea, and its hundreds of hilltop towns, all hiding unsuspected treasures of renaissance art and architecture. See our properties in Le Marche

Puglia, or Apulia as it is called in English, is Italy’s boot heel, its southeastern most region. Gateway to and from the East, it has been conquered by legions of foreign rulers, most of whom were careful to live elsewhere. The notable exception was Frederick II (1194-1250), the last Emperor of the Hohenstaufen line. An enlightened man, he built many castles which still grace the region, along with acres and acres of vineyards and olive groves. Apulia produces one-tenth of the wine drunk in Europe; its olive oil is renowned. See our properties in Puglia

Tuscany – Perhaps the most famous of all Italian regions and, for many, the first to come to mind when thinking of buying an Italian property. Much of Tuscany is expensive but compared to Spain it is now a lot cheaper– though there is no shortage of people willing to pay the prices for fine properties in exclusive locations. See our properties in Tuscany and Lunigiana

Umbria – precisely at the centre of the Italian peninsular, without any coastline, lies the region of Umbria, crossed by the Appennine mountains which, snow-capped in winter, soften into gentle hills, green fertile valleys and wide plains. From its upper reaches in the north of the region the river Tiber flows majestically south towards Rome, clinging to its beloved Umbria until the very last moment – a place appropriately marked by the remains of the Roman settlement, Otriculum. Land-locked though it is, Umbria is served by an excellent communications network which provides good access throughout the year. The international airports of Rome, Pisa, Bologna and Florence are all within one to two and a half hours driving distance. See our properties in Umbria